Because infants and toddlers matter to God, our certified volunteers use tailored curriculum to begin sharing the love of Christ at the earliest ages through songs, crafts and caring for your little ones.


Because children matter to God, we purpose to provide a safe environment where trained, loving adults teach children in Kindergarten-5th grade children to strive to reach a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Below is a highlight of some of the things we do each time we meet:
... Celebrate God
... Love Others
... Investigate and Imitate Christ
... Minister to Others
... Bring Friends to Jesus
Come join us for our weekend Celebrations!


Thursday at 6:30pm

Come out and experience God with us and bring a friend! Help grow your youth group!

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 Join A Connection Group


Do you enjoy the structure of a classroom that allows you to dig into God's Word with others who have a desire to learn more about the same topic? Each quarter, different classes are offered to give you a variety of topics to choose from. From Bible studies, to parenting, to marriage enrichment, we have a class that is perfect for you! Come join us for any of our exciting and informative Bible studies. We offer a class each Wednesday evening at 7PM and each Sunday Morning at 9:30AM. These classes will take you deep into God’s Word.

Word Action is a Nazarene Publishing House production and is another class being offered on Sunday Morning at 9:30AM an Feel free to stop in and check these out!

Prayer Ministry

God has called His house to be a House of Prayer. Matthew 23:13, "My house will be called a house of prayer." Join us as we accept the call to pray. To become involved in the Prayer Ministries, Prophecy, Healing & Deliverance (PHD). We believe in encouraging the body of Christ through words of prophecy. We believe our Lord is still healing people today and can break the chains of bondage through deliverance. Our prophecy, healing and deliverance teams are dedicated to using the gifts the Lord has given them to serve in these areas. They are available after each of our weekend services and by appointment.

Connection Groups

There are also Connection Groups for adults. These are groups get together once a month for food, fun, and fellowship making connections (getting to know one another) and well as assimilation. The groups are encouraged to do outreach ministry as well. New groups are formed every quarter. What are Connection Groups?

Small Groups help people connect, which relates to membership or fellowship - moving people from coffee and cookies, to knowing true community and its benefits. I like to say, my best friends don't have to ask for my prayer requests because they know my life. True fellowship helps people discover the real you.

Small Groups help people grow, which relates to maturity or discipleship. Everyone is on a spiritual path which has twists and turns, forks in the road, dead ends, pot holes, etc. Small Group life helps people on their spiritual journey and how best to navigate that road. If you're on the smooth part of the road, rejoice in that. If you find you're off-roading and moving off the disciplines, small group life helps you get back.

Small Groups help people discover their spiritual gifts, which relates to ministry or serving. Not only do you want each person in your Small Group to discover his/her SHAPE as he/she begins ministering in the church. But as a group, you want to serve your church and the people in your church. Every person has a ministry to the church and a mission to the world

mall Groups help people learn to share, which relates to missions or evangelism. What is your group's mission to the world? While we want groups to focus cross-culturally; we don't want them to forget the mission field they live in—their neighborhood! Small Groups are a great way to get the attendees of the group praying for their neighbors and even planning activities designed for fellowship with those neighbors.

Small Groups help people to surrender their lives, which is worship (more than music and communion in a group). This purpose helps people to live out being a living sacrifice (Romans12:1) fully surrendered to Christ. Group life helps you be transparent; receiving the support you need to succeed in your Christian walk. So, we teach that worship is praise, but it is also action.


Come join us for a time of Praise and Worship with the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. We offer a contemporary style of worship with a live praise band and a come as you are atmosphere. We strive to lead each worshipper to the throne of God in Worship and exalting the name of Jesus. We also encourage you to join the choir as we build together a strong worship experience.

For our attenders, there are also opportunities for volunteering in the production of the service. Volunteers are always needed in the media department and no experience is necessary!

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There are many opportunities to get involved here at the Connection Church, We have many community outreach activities and we encourage everyone to volunteer.

We participate nationally and globally with the Nazarene Church through projects and events such as Angel Tree, Nazarene Missions and Samaritans Purse to name a few. We also have local opportunities within and outside the church.

Come be apart of our growing ministry to others as we server in our local nursing homes, volunteering within the church or just to be a blessing to someone else.